Quarter of Welsh population favour independence – YouGov

Increased Tory majority would further boost support new poll finds

A quarter of the Welsh public favour independence for Wales, with support rising to a third if the Conservatives increase their majority at Westminster, according to a new opinion poll undertaken by YouGov on behalf of YesCymru.

People were asked to rate their support for independence between zero and ten. Of those polled, 26% favoured independence, another 16% were neither in favour or against and 47% were against. Those most supportive of independence were Labour voters, Plaid Cymru voters and the 18-49 age group, with Conservative and UKIP voters being least supportive.

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Wales must not be left behind

As one of the fastest growing civic movements in Wales, YesCymru has welcomed the UK general election as a new opportunity to put Welsh Independence on the political agenda.

Iestyn ap Rhobert, Chair of YesCymru said:

“Brexit has changed everything. The likely prospect of another lengthy UK Conservative government – not elected by Wales, chipping away at devolution and introducing policies inimical to widely-shared Welsh values – gives added urgency to our growing campaign for national independence.”

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Welsh referendum appeal to Carwyn Jones

Campaigners have appealed to party leaders in the Assembly to support a Welsh independence referendum, if there are votes in Scotland or the north of Ireland.

The group Yes Cymru, which campaigns for independence for Wales, argues that the people of Wales must decide on the relationship with England, if Ireland holds a reunification vote or Scotland has a ballot on independence.

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Welsh Government will not represent Welsh interests during Brexit talks, minister says

Finance Secretary, Mark Drakeford, says the Welsh Government will not be seeking to represent Welsh interests during crucial Brexit negotiations.

The minister, who chairs a Brexit advisory team, says the priority for the Welsh Government will be to find ‘solutions’ for the whole of the UK and not for the country his party governs.

He made the statement as a response to campaign group, Yes Cymru, who are calling on the Welsh Government to stand up to Westminster amidst the constitutional flux caused by the Brexit vote.

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YesCymru | Newsletter, February 2016

The new year has arrived bringing with its challenges and its opportunities. And I guess that this will be YesCymru’s main function for the year ahead – to turn the challenges into opportunities and to keep making the case for Welsh Nationalism, an inclusive, healthy Nationalism.

Last year many YesCymru groups were set up and rallies and meetings held. By now we have groups in many parts of Cymru as well as in other countries of the world, all rooting for our cause. We must keep this snowball rolling.

Membership & 2017 AGM

Thanks so much to all who have joined YesCymru over the past year. All members will be posted a membership pack within the next month or two with details of our 2017 AGM! Watch this space!

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YesCymru | Newsletter, November 2016

Welcome to the first issue of YesCymru News. Thank you for supporting the only  movement whose sole purpose is to actively campaign for an independent Wales. We’re ready for the fight ahead – we’re sure you are too!

This newsletter will be published every other month. You’re welcome to share it with your friends and family and challenge them to become members too. If you have any news or have any questions or suggestions then get in touch with us.

Swansea Independence Rally

Are you going to the independence rally at 12.00 Saturday 19 November at Castle Gardens, Swansea?

The speakers are: Gwynoro Jones (former Labour MP); Daniel G Williams (author and lecturer); Heledd Gwyndaf (Cymdeithas yr Iaith); Liam Rees (Plaid Ifanc). Facebook Event.

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Welsh Independence Rally, Swansea / Rali Annibyniaeth, Abertawe


Welsh Independence Rally

12pm, Saturday, November 19
Castle Gardens, Swansea
(Arranged by YesCymru, Swansea)

Rali Annibyniaeth

12pm, Dydd Sadwrn, Tachwedd 19
(Trefnir gan YesCymru, Abertawe)

Speakers / Siaradwyr:

Daniel G Williams (Lecturer and writer)
Gwynoro Jones (Ex Labour MP)
Liam Rees (Chairperson Plaid Ifanc, Swansea)
Heledd Gwenllian Gwyndaf (Chair of Cymdeithas yr Iaith)<


Glyndŵr Day Welsh Independence Rally, Cardiff

indymamYesCymru Cardiff will be holding a street rally in Cardiff today (Saturday 17th of September) to celebrate Glyndŵr Day.  The rally will start at midday, with Gwynoro Jones, Neil McEvoy and Sandra Clubb amongst the speakers. 

The Yes Cymru movement believes that independence for Wales is the only way to secure a prosperous future for the people of Wales. The movement believes that Westminster cannot be relied upon to deliver fairness and respect to Wales.

Sandra Clubb is one of the organisers.  Originally from England, this is the first time that Sandra has been active in the independence movement.  You can follow her blog here indymam.wordpress.com. Sandra said:

“A better future for Wales is possible, and the only way to secure that future is through independence.  Westminster has proved time and time again that it does not have Wales’ best interests at heart.  Just this week the majority of our own Mps voted against devolving powers over policing, criminal justice and energy generation over 350 MW to Wales.”

“In order to build this future it is important that the movement for independence is diverse and inclusive – I’ll be speaking at the rally about what women can bring to the campaign, as well as how independence will benefit gender equality and women’s rights.”