Senedd Chain

The people of Wales were split on the issue of Brexit, with a number of nationalists and supporters of devolution voting on either side of the referendum. But nobody voted to see Brexit used as a Trojan Horse by the Tories to salami slice powers from Wales.

It’s time that we follow the example of the people of Catalonia who are marching for their rights.

Y Senedd – 12pm, Sunday

Join us to form a human chain in front of the Senedd building in Cardiff on Sunday, the 17th of September at 12pm – a human chain made of Welsh citizens who are ready to defend our rights as a nation.

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Repeal Bill – Yes Cymru’s response

Iestyn ap Rhobert, Yes Cymru chair said:

“The London Government’s action will have the effect of undermining devolution in grabbing back powers which should come to Wales when the British state leaves the European Union.

Yes Cymru supports the fact that Carwyn Jones – along with Nicola Sturgeon – has condemned Westminster’s insulting actions; but we need far more than words alone to defend Wales from this UK Government which is looking for every opportunity to undermine our democracy.”

Iestyn ap Rhobert added:

“An opinion poll commissioned by Yes Cymru in May 2017 clearly demonstrated that more and more people are open to the idea of independence for Wales. 26% of those asked were in favour of independence and another 16% were neither for nor against. This support will certainly increase in response to the way in which the Conservatives are undermining our national Legislature.

As Wales is undermined and made more vulnerable, Yes Cymru strongly maintains that independence is the only viable option for our national future. Wales must now seriously consider independence.”

Results of the Opinion Poll:

Launch of ‘comprehensive’ Welsh Independence book in Aberystwyth

YesCymru launched the most comprehensive document arguing for Welsh independence ever published in Aberystwyth today.

The first edition of “Independence in your pocket”, which runs to 64 pages arguing the case for independence, was given to every member of the movement at YesCymru’s annual general meeting held at the Old College in the centre of Aberystwyth today.

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Quarter of Welsh population favour independence – YouGov

Increased Tory majority would further boost support new poll finds

A quarter of the Welsh public favour independence for Wales, with support rising to a third if the Conservatives increase their majority at Westminster, according to a new opinion poll undertaken by YouGov on behalf of YesCymru.

People were asked to rate their support for independence between zero and ten. Of those polled, 26% favoured independence, another 16% were neither in favour or against and 47% were against. Those most supportive of independence were Labour voters, Plaid Cymru voters and the 18-49 age group, with Conservative and UKIP voters being least supportive.

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Wales must not be left behind

As one of the fastest growing civic movements in Wales, YesCymru has welcomed the UK general election as a new opportunity to put Welsh Independence on the political agenda.

Iestyn ap Rhobert, Chair of YesCymru said:

“Brexit has changed everything. The likely prospect of another lengthy UK Conservative government – not elected by Wales, chipping away at devolution and introducing policies inimical to widely-shared Welsh values – gives added urgency to our growing campaign for national independence.”

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Welsh referendum appeal to Carwyn Jones

Campaigners have appealed to party leaders in the Assembly to support a Welsh independence referendum, if there are votes in Scotland or the north of Ireland.

The group Yes Cymru, which campaigns for independence for Wales, argues that the people of Wales must decide on the relationship with England, if Ireland holds a reunification vote or Scotland has a ballot on independence.

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Welsh Government will not represent Welsh interests during Brexit talks, minister says

Finance Secretary, Mark Drakeford, says the Welsh Government will not be seeking to represent Welsh interests during crucial Brexit negotiations.

The minister, who chairs a Brexit advisory team, says the priority for the Welsh Government will be to find ‘solutions’ for the whole of the UK and not for the country his party governs.

He made the statement as a response to campaign group, Yes Cymru, who are calling on the Welsh Government to stand up to Westminster amidst the constitutional flux caused by the Brexit vote.

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YesCymru | Newsletter, February 2016

The new year has arrived bringing with its challenges and its opportunities. And I guess that this will be YesCymru’s main function for the year ahead – to turn the challenges into opportunities and to keep making the case for Welsh Nationalism, an inclusive, healthy Nationalism.

Last year many YesCymru groups were set up and rallies and meetings held. By now we have groups in many parts of Cymru as well as in other countries of the world, all rooting for our cause. We must keep this snowball rolling.

Membership & 2017 AGM

Thanks so much to all who have joined YesCymru over the past year. All members will be posted a membership pack within the next month or two with details of our 2017 AGM! Watch this space!

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