Why do you want an Independent Wales?

WALES in the MOVIES and Yes Cymru Caerdydd are looking for your help to produce a short documentary video for YouTube.

We’d like you to record a 30-second clip of yourself, and send it to walesinthemovies@gmail.com answering the question:

Why do you want an Independent Wales?

A recording from your smartphone is fine. On your own, or with your partner, or with your kids.

The important things are:

  • Record in landscape profile (i.e. phone in letterbox shape to match a TV/computer/cinema screen)
  • Say where you’re from
  • Answer the question “I want to see an Independent Wales because…” or “my vision for Welsh independence is…”
  • Be positive! Sign off your clip with a ‘goodbye’ and smile if possible

Give a couple of reasons if you like, for example “I’d like independence for A, B and C” just keep it short and sweet.

Check out this ‘Wales For Yes Scotland’ video we did in 2014 as an example:

We’re creating a positive, non-partisan image for the Yes campaign. We need your help to get started.

Nick Stradling (WALES in the MOVIES)

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