Wales must not be left behind

As one of the fastest growing civic movements in Wales, YesCymru has welcomed the UK general election as a new opportunity to put Welsh Independence on the political agenda.

Iestyn ap Rhobert, Chair of YesCymru said:

“Brexit has changed everything. The likely prospect of another lengthy UK Conservative government – not elected by Wales, chipping away at devolution and introducing policies inimical to widely-shared Welsh values – gives added urgency to our growing campaign for national independence.”

“It is already clear that independence for Scotland and Irish reunification will be big issues in this UK election. To ensure that Wales is not left behind, YesCymru will work during the election campaign with members of any party – or none – who support Welsh independence. We are calling on all political parties to look afresh at independence instead of sticking to dated ideas that are stifling our potential as a country.”

YesCymru will also campaign jointly with pro-Independence movements in Scotland and Northern Ireland to make the wider case for new political structures across both Britain and Ireland.

One thought on “Wales must not be left behind

  1. We have all suffered from being ruled by London so now its time for a change, speaking from the isle of Skye in Scotland, the time is now for independence for the welsh people as well as us Scottish people, then once free from London rule we can set up a partnership between our country, yours and Ireland and created a Celtic powerhouse

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