No Government has the right to negotiate away Wales’s freedom

The Welsh Government has no mandate to return powers to Westminster, according to campaigners speaking ahead of a vote in the Senedd today.

A vote will be held by Assembly Members today on approving the EU Withdrawal Bill. The Welsh Government recommends voting in favour of the Bill, despite Scottish Labour, the Scottish Government and the Leader of UK Labour Jeremy Corbyn, all opposing, arguing that it takes devolved powers back to Westminster.

Speaking at a demonstration outside the Senedd in Cardiff, Iestyn ap Rhobert, Chair of YesCymru, said:

“The people of Wales have a parliament as a result of two hard-won referenda: no group of politicians today has a mandate to undo the votes of the people. The people of Wales have not voted to return any powers from Wales to Westminster. This Government has no mandate from anybody to do so. A Government in Wales, elected by slightly more than a third of the population, cannot negotiate away our freedom. A freedom won through referenda in 1997 and 2011.”

“What we’re seeing is Westminster taking advantage of Brexit to centralise powers in London. It’s becoming very clear that Wales’ self-government is on unstable ground, and is truly at stake. Only independence for Wales can ensure that decisions about Wales are made in Wales.”

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