Brexit court move to increase support for independence

YesCymru has responded to a UK Government court challenge to devolved powers following Brexit. YesCymru Chair, Iestyn ap Rhobert commented:

“The Tory UK Government’s action is undermining devolution in grabbing back powers which should come to Wales when the British state leaves the European Union. The people of Wales voted strongly in favour of the current settlement in a referendum back in 2011, therefore this action by the Conservatives is totally undemocratic.”

“With the future of Wales being constantly undermined by the Tory Government, we believe independence is now the only viable option for our future as a nation.”

“A YouGov opinion poll commissioned by Yes Cymru in May last year showed that more and more people are open to the idea of independence for Wales: 26% were in favour. This support is likely to increase in response to the way in which the Conservatives are undermining our national legislature.”



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