YesCymru | Newsletter, February 2016

The new year has arrived bringing with its challenges and its opportunities. And I guess that this will be YesCymru’s main function for the year ahead – to turn the challenges into opportunities and to keep making the case for Welsh Nationalism, an inclusive, healthy Nationalism.

Last year many YesCymru groups were set up and rallies and meetings held. By now we have groups in many parts of Cymru as well as in other countries of the world, all rooting for our cause. We must keep this snowball rolling.

Membership & 2017 AGM

Thanks so much to all who have joined YesCymru over the past year. All members will be posted a membership pack within the next month or two with details of our 2017 AGM! Watch this space!

What’s in the pipe line?

We are in the process of creating specific materials – car stickers, posters, placards and leaflets.

The work on the book on Independence, which will be available for all and will answer an extensive range of questions on independence, is ongoing. There is some tweaking work to be done, it is essential that this is right. The work is in progress and I think patience is a virtue in this case.

What are the latest developments?

There are several YesCymru groups operating, to different extents, in four different countries. Please see list below.

During January a group of Labour party supporters and members came together to establish Labour for Independence. This is a very important development because independence for Wales will only come about by a cross-party, non-party movement.

After a successful, first ever, Independence for Wales rally in Swansea, Yes Swansea by now are holding monthly street stalls in the city. The next will be between 9am-1pm on Saturday the 25th of February, at the Uplands Market.

From February onwards YesCaerdydd will hold regular street stalls. YesCymru Cardiff will also be holding an open meeting on 9th February. Click on the image below for details.

YesCaerdydd are corresponding with the Wales European Advisory Panel and are organising a petition to the Welsh Government asking that they research and debate the option for Welsh independence. They also have other plans in the pipe line.

What can I do?

Talk to your family, friends and whoever you happen to come across, about YesCymru and the cause. Worry not if you don’t have all the answers yet, it is only by talking to each other that we can come to a better understanding of what the questions are and with time come to understand what the answers are.

Is there a YesCymru group in your area (see Twitter groups below)? If there is, how about joining in any activities, or even more importantly nudging the group to be even more active.

If there isn’t a group in your area, how about establishing one yourself. Contact us for further detail of who lives locally and we can coordinate an initial meeting. These groups are crucial for activities such as street stalls for independence and rallies. Therefore we are looking for people to come together (two, three or four people are often enough to start thing off).

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Reading Material

‘Land of my Fathers’ – Gwynfor Evans – Written back in the 1970s but still worth a read. It’s just the thing if you’re starting at Welsh history from scratch … or studied history in Welsh schools – which amounts to pretty much the same thing! Place it with other views for a wider perspective. A good read which is even more pertinent now with Brexit than ever before.

Bella Gwalia – a website containing articles, blogs and ideas on independence. Bella Gwalia is a good forum for us to discuss and promote independence.

Desolation Radio – an independent weekly podcast that discusses Cymru in a mature manner in English, a scarce thing in ‘our’ media.

Published by YesCymru. Our aim is to win independence for Cymru in order to improve our nation is being governed. We believe in inclusive citizenship that welcomes and celebrates the fact that everyone – from whatever background – who chooses to make Cymru their home, are full citizens of the new Cymru.

Edited by: Siôn Jobbins

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