YesCymru | Newsletter, November 2016

Welcome to the first issue of YesCymru News. Thank you for supporting the only  movement whose sole purpose is to actively campaign for an independent Wales. We’re ready for the fight ahead – we’re sure you are too!

This newsletter will be published every other month. You’re welcome to share it with your friends and family and challenge them to become members too. If you have any news or have any questions or suggestions then get in touch with us.

Swansea Independence Rally

Are you going to the independence rally at 12.00 Saturday 19 November at Castle Gardens, Swansea?

The speakers are: Gwynoro Jones (former Labour MP); Daniel G Williams (author and lecturer); Heledd Gwyndaf (Cymdeithas yr Iaith); Liam Rees (Plaid Ifanc). Facebook Event.

rali-annibyniaeth-abertaweThis is an historic event – it’ll be the first ever rally for Welsh independence in our second city. Support for independence in Swansea and West Glamorgan is absolutely fundamental to winning freedom. We are therefore very grateful to Tricia and Owain who’ve got the local campaign going.

“This is the first time I’ve ever organised an event like this,” explained Tricia who’s a nurse at Morriston Hospital. “I didn’t think I’d be able to organise a rally and was waiting and expecting somebody else to do so. But, I then realised, I am that ‘someone else’! If I don’t organise an independence rally then who else will?” added Tricia.

The group’s plan is that the Rally is a springboard for other events and a catalyst to creating a vibrant and confident branch in Swansea. How about an independence rally in Neath, Port Talbot or Llanelli?

By the way, Owain is the voice on the excellent little video on Youtube laying out the economic arguments for independence. Check it out and share.

For the latest news from Swansea by following @YesAbertawe on Twitter.

The little Independence Book.

YesCymru will be publishing a small book on Welsh independence. Thanks to the work of Owen Donovan of Bridgend. It will be a handy little book which outlines simply what independence would mean. It will answer many basic questions on the economics, armed forces, international status, environment and society in an independent Wales.

It will be a great little tool to answer the questions people across Wales will have about our country becoming a normal independent nation state.

The booklet will be published at the beginning of 2017. We will soon start a crowd-sourcing campaign to pay for its costs. The more money we raise the more copies we can publish and the cheaper its selling price will be.

There’ll be an English and Welsh version and we’d also like to have a read-out version on Youtube for those with sight difficulty or who prefer to listen rather than read.

Details on the crowd-funding will be released soon. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

Yes campaign in Cardiff

A great team of people have set up YesCaerdydd in the capital. They held a successful steet rally on the Hayes on 17 September with thought-provoking and confidence speeches by Sandra Clubb; successful businessman, Mark Hooper; film-maker, Nic Stradling; Neil McEvoy Plaid Cymru AM; and Gwynoro Jones, former Labour MP.

The team meet regularly at the Indycube offices  on Trade Street, close to Cardiff’s Central Station.

You can see clips of the rally online. Follow @YesCaerdydd for the latest news – they’re looking to expand and develop new ideas to make Cardiff the capital of an independent state.

Setting up Local Branches

As we’ve noted, there are now active branches of YesCymru in Swansea and Cardiff. There are twitter accounts for the Vale of Glamorgan, Newport, Llanelli, Caernarfon, Ynys Môn, the north, London and even Patagonia and New York!

The future of this movement rests on active local branches talking to local people and organising local events – that’s the only way we can beat the increasingly right wing and British nationalist media and make Welsh independence a reality.

YesCymru centrally can give a financial contribution to each new branch and give advice on setting up a branch.

These branches are fundamental to building a mass grass-roots movement. They will be responsible for holding street rallies, street stalls and other events for Welsh independence. So, we’re looking for people to come together (3 or 4 people are all it needs to get things going) to form branches – what about members in places like Pontypridd, Merthyr, Gwent Valleys, Neath and Afan, Pembrokeshire, Wrexham or Aberconwy?

Stuff for the Street

YesCymru Is in the process of producing campaign materials – badges, car stickers and table-spreads to drape over street stalls.

These are the kind of basic material a campaigning movement needs, so thanks to you all for you membership money and contribution. Keep on supporting, donating and please join.

Online Stuff

  • Bella Gwalia – a new website which includes articles , memes on independence. Read and contribute.
  • IndyMam – blog by Sandra Clubb, one of the YesCaerdydd’s main founders. Interesting and intelligent articles by someone from Derby who learnt Welsh, is raising a family in Penarth and is now an active nationalist – an inspiration to us all.
  • Desolation Radio – a weekly podcast independent but with a nationalist critique and decent discussion on Wales which our media rarely offers. One of YesCymru’s medium-term aims is to have an online media presence – with radio and video programme. Let’s make this happen.

Published by YesCymru.

Our aim is to  gain independence for Wales, in order to improve the way our country is governed. We believe in an inclusive citizenship, which embraces and celebrates the fact that everyone who chooses to make Wales their home – regardless of their background – are full citizens of the new Wales.

Edited by: Siôn Jobbins

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